Bulletin for 11/06/2016

Here is a copy of this Sunday’s bulletin.


Your Clock

Remember to set your clocks back one hour before going to bed Saturday evening.  Alternatively, you could wait until 2 AM and then set the clock back one hour, which is the way it supposed to work.  I prefer not to do it that way.

Wesley’s Advice

WesleySaid01Please, remember to vote on Tuesday.

Election Time Approaches

We would do well to consider the words of John Wesley as we prepare to vote

Although those words were spoken more than 240 years ago, they apply as much today as they when they were first uttered.

Can you help?

Pastor Mark Lipscomb says:
Hello all on this beautiful Saturday morning, March 5th. We have plans to paint the new rooms we built at the Ebenezer Center today. So far, only one worker has shown up. Do you have a couple of hours to participate today? We have the brushes and supplies but need some workers. Please come join us if you can. Any questions, call Pastor Mark at 269-804-9407. Thanks, many hands will make less work.

Better Together!

Today, Sunday November 29, marked the beginning of Advent. Today, also marked the beginning of West Berlin and The Bridge coming together for Sunday worship.

This morning, the combined teams led in the singing, setting the tone for the worship experience.

Pastor Joel Leipprandt delivered the message, “Love Revealed: To Bring Justice.”  The scripture text was Isaiah chapter 42.

After the message, we celebrated communion.  Then we sang and were dismissed.

Pastor Joel summed it up very well with two words: “Better Together.”  That certainly seems to be the case.

Welcome, Friends!

This is the online location for West Berlin Wesleyan Church.  If it looks like our blog, that’s because it is.  In addition to that, you’ll find info that was on our former Website.  Take a minute and explore the other pages (links below the top banner).

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