The devil made me do it.

Have you ever said that? Maybe even thought that? I don’t want to be considered a tool of Satan. There has been way to many times when this happens. We say or do something we think is helpful or justifiable and it turns out to devastate the one who is the receiver. There are times when we are just upset with something that doesn’t involve us and we have to say something about it. Oh my we just can’t keep quiet we have to speak. Satan wants to use those moments to devastate the church. I work in a factory. It seems that people are always worried about what someone else is to doing and how they’re doing it. It seems to always be negative. In these situations people seem to be so terribly negative seemingly to be the tool of the devil.
So here’s the gist of it. Let’s not be that tool that negates the work of God. Let’s be more careful of what we say and do in response to things we don’t necessarily agree with. Let’s be Christ to the world and to do so we need to Love everyone with Christ’s love. Our witness is null and void if we love conditionally.

Pastor Andy’s view on Family Life

I’ve been observing and somewhat quiet lately.  Well I’m about to break the silence. It seems we get confused about family life.  My thoughts on this are simple.  Family life is more than just family time.  It’s about relationships. Better yet it’s about building relationships.

I recently watched Courageous again.  It reminded me about how important it is to be a Godly father.  We all have been impacted by our relationships to our parents.  Let’s start there.  I think all of our relationships are impacted by our relationships at home.  If we have good ones there than we have good relationships outside home.  Think about it this way.  How we treat our kids is the way they treat others.  How’s your relationships at home?

Family is what we call those we attend the gatherings with.  Church family for us old guys.  The two keys for a successful church are what are our relationships like with our “Church family?”  Are we developing Godly relationships with them?  Are we loving them as Christ loves them?  Are we being selfless, non-judgmental, non-condemning and Christ like towards our brothers and sisters in Christ?  After all they are family aren’t they?  Second when it comes to serving are we doing that with a selfless attitude?  In other words are we desiring what God desires or what we desire?  When it comes to serving others we need to first serve God and do so with a selfless God focused attitude.  This type of attitude will impact others greatly.  How’s your relationships in the church body?

We are claiming to be “One in Heart and One in Mission”.  How’s that going?  Is the mission of Christ in our minds in every relationship?  At work? At home?  At the church gatherings?  With our Pastor?  Every relationship is affected by our attitude.  Let’s treat everyone as though it’s an integral part of our Family Life.

Until the next time, your Family Life Pastor signing off.