On Purity

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Sam is taking a break while we continue our discussion of virtue and vice.  Thanks to those who commented on last week’s post.  Those comments are very welcome and quite helpful.  I’d even say they are crucial to our consideration of these topics.

Last week’s commentators were not very positive about negatives.  And yet they acknowledge the important role they serve.  Many years ago, our sons had come of age and my wife confided in me that if she were raising children again she would, “find fifty ways of modifying a child’s behavior with out using the word ‘no’.”  I didn’t fully appreciate the wisdom of her words at that time, but have often thought of them since.

Steven pointed out that the negatives serve well to define boundaries that we should not cross.  I like that idea and agree that it is useful to know those limits–not because we want to get as close as possible but to avoid “crossing the line.”

So we need negatives, but we should focus on the positives.  If we strive to attain the virtue, we should avoid the vice.  Do you agree?


The first of the deadly sins is lust.  To most folk that has mostly sexual ties, but in truth it is any excessive desire that would lead you where you shouldn’t go.  That’s true be it for sex, money, fame, power or whatever.

The corresponding virtue is purity.  Or you could call it “moral wholesomeness.”  To achieve purity is to avoid the influence or distraction of temptation to immorality.  However to get there you will have to focus on the positive aspects of purity.

When it comes to sex, the Bible teaches that it belongs exclusively within the context of a marriage relationship.  The psalmist put it this way:

How can a young person stay pure?
By obeying your word.
Ps 119:9 — NLT

You will need money to survive in today’s world.  The key is to gain it by moral means and use it for proper purposes.I have been told that the Bible speaks more about money than it does about prayer.  I believe that and suspect it is because we need guidance in our handling of money.

For You

Now it’s your turn.  Please leave a comment.  Answer one or more of these questions.  Feel free to share other thoughts on this topic as well.

Do you have a favorite Bible verse (or verses) that help you in the area of purity (moral wholesomeness)?  What is it (are they)?

What advice would you give a young person about purity?  To an older person?

What other thoughts do you have on this topic?

I encourage you to think about this and share your thoughts.  Thanks in advance.

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