The devil made me do it.

Have you ever said that? Maybe even thought that? I don’t want to be considered a tool of Satan. There has been way to many times when this happens. We say or do something we think is helpful or justifiable and it turns out to devastate the one who is the receiver. There are times when we are just upset with something that doesn’t involve us and we have to say something about it. Oh my we just can’t keep quiet we have to speak. Satan wants to use those moments to devastate the church. I work in a factory. It seems that people are always worried about what someone else is to doing and how they’re doing it. It seems to always be negative. In these situations people seem to be so terribly negative seemingly to be the tool of the devil.
So here’s the gist of it. Let’s not be that tool that negates the work of God. Let’s be more careful of what we say and do in response to things we don’t necessarily agree with. Let’s be Christ to the world and to do so we need to Love everyone with Christ’s love. Our witness is null and void if we love conditionally.

Do you really?

Marriage hint:
How often do we say we love each other out of habit? Come home from work and what do we say? I love you. Before we go to bed? I love you. I’ve began to think a lot about this lately. I don’t want to say it out of habit. I do love my wife more than ever. 28 years ago April 1st I asked my wife to “go steady” with me, but the love I have for her now is different. My love is stronger, so when I say I love you Michelle Trowbridge I truly mean it.

Whether your dating or married, if you love your spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, say it and mean it.

Taming the shrue/well the tongue.

Here’s some good marital advice,  remember your wife doesn’t have the same sense of humor as you!  We men sometimes have a time taming our tongue.  Be tender toward your wife in that way guys.  Ladies I have to include you on this, be careful how you react to the words spoken by your hubby, we don’t always think before we speak.  We sometimes say things and mean no harm even though it may seem like it.


Love y’all, keep rockin on,

Pastor Andy

Am I right?

How many are madly in love with your spouse? How do you speak of them when your not with them? Honestly I’ve made it a habit of speaking lovingly about her (Michelle Morgan-Trowbridge). I recently overheard a conversation about why two gentlemen were not married. I giggled. One said to me it’s what we have to tolerate. I simply said, my wife takes good care of me; I have no reason to complain. Secondly how do you let others speak of your spouse. I don’t tolerate anyone speaking badly about mine. If that’s a problem too bad. I would want that same respect from her. Keep this in mind when having a bad marriage day.

Until next time,

God’s bond not ours

I’m asking a favor, what you do is up to you. We all need to do things conducive to our marriages. Flowers, gifts and expressions of our love. Realize you’re meant to be together. It’s God’s bond not ours. Love you guys. Hope you all see this.

He’s your love bond

Marriage hint, was struggling with what to share, but here goes. There’s nothing in life that should break your bond of love. People are people, we each make mistakes. Just remember love develops, grows and becomes more powerful. Love when your young isn’t the same as love when you grow together. Your bond should grow greater as you get older.

That’s it for now,
God bless!

Election Time Approaches

We would do well to consider the words of John Wesley as we prepare to vote

Although those words were spoken more than 240 years ago, they apply as much today as they when they were first uttered.

Bless a family

We are seeking nominations of three families for the Bless A Family event for Thanksgiving. The family’s name needs to be turned into the church office by next Sunday Oct 23. Patti Hall will stop in the church office mid week to get with (Jim or holly?) and prepare the food sign up sheet for Sunday Oct 30. Notify me with those names please ASAP my contact info is in the bulletin.

Marriage hint

Marriage hint: do away with expectations. You want a maid then get a good job and hire one. Remember your spouse isn’t a convenience and doesn’t work for you. They are someone you should love beyond measure. If they’re a good cook and cleaner celebrate that. If not pitch in and make it a team effort, but do it because you love each other.

God bless and carry on,